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Nationals Park to feature new food items

The Nationals invited reporters to sample some of the new concession items that will be available at Nationals Park this season. Now that I’ve recovered from my food coma, I can tell you about some of them.

Chesapeake Crab Co.

Crab cakes and baseball: That’s what D.C. does? Nationals Park has stepped up its crab game in recent years, introducing a crab pretzel in 2012 and now an entire concession stand of crab offerings for the 2014 season. In addition to crab cakes, the Chesapeake Crab Co. stand located behind Section 114 will serve crab nachos, crab balls and crab grilled cheese. I tried the crab grilled cheese and it compares favorably to my go-to favorite at Orioles games, the crab mac ‘n cheese dog from Stuggy’s.

Intentional Wok and South Capitol Sushi

Fans can choose between drunken noodles and pad Thai at the Intentional Wok stand behind Section 233. The noodles are served in take-out style boxes, which makes them easy to eat while walking around the park (or before you return to your seat). If you’re someone who craves sushi when it’s sweltering out, you can head to South Capitol Sushi behind Section 129 for an assortment of rolls, including salmon avocado and spicy tuna.

Field of Greens

The first exclusively vegetarian concession stand at Nationals Park will open behind Section 113. Offerings include a veggie cheesesteak with provolone and caramelized onions, a Greek salad and a grilled Portobello burger. The “meat” in the veggie cheesesteak is made by Vegadelphia Foods.

G Sandwich

The second location of former Top Chef All-Star Mike Isabella’s Italian-style sandwich shop is located behind Section 136. The menu will feature several staples of the original G on 14th Street NW, including the Drewno, a house-made kielbasa, sauerkraut and giardiniera that Isabella describes as a ballpark hot dog on steroids. (Too soon, Mike.) There’s a roasted cauliflower sandwich for vegetarians and Isabella will also create an original sandwich every homestand with some tie to one of the Nationals’ opponents.

Bullpen Burrito

Choose from steak, chicken or vegetarian burritos, burrito bowls and salads at this new stand behind Section 140. If you like a little spice, try the roasted tomatillo salsa. If not, stick with the homemade pico de gallo.