Maryland’s football program got a bit of attention when it promised a scholarship to Nate Adams, a dedicated long snapper from Arizona. From Prewitt:

The oral commitment raised eyebrows, but it made sense for the Terrapins. Their lone previous long snapper on scholarship, Greg Parcher, was a senior, so a starting spot had opened for next season….

Giving up offense and defense will be tough, Adams said, but Maryland has plans to make him its long snapper of the future. He was a two-way star at Greenway, and during practices for the Semper-Fi All-American Bowl this January in California, asked to play linebacker. He wound up becoming second-string. Practices just snapping, he said, was too boring. “I don’t ever like being labeled just a long snapper,” he said. “But I’ll get used to it.”

It’s an interesting tale of how an athletic high school kid finds and then excels at a niche role, in the process earning a scholarship from a school across the country. But more to the point, why is a future Maryland long snapper from Arizona posing for photos with Robert Griffin III this week?

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“It was pretty random,” Adams told me on Wednesday, as you’d expect.

A group of 30 or so long-snappers who study under the tutelage of long-snapping guru Ben Bernard was working out at North Canyon High this week. (Bernard’s clients have included Nick Sundberg, the Redskins’ long snapper.) The group this week included Kyle Nelson, who long snapped for the Redskins after Sundberg was injured last season, and Marcus Santa Cruz, a former Baylor long snapper who — like Sundberg and Adams — is from the Phoenix area.

So, since Robert Griffin III was already in Phoenix for a Redskins passing camp, he decided to stop by the long-snapping workout, spending 45 minutes or an hour talking to his friends, watching the workout and posing for photos with the 30 or so long snappers.

“It was just a surprise,” Adams said. “You see him on TV, and then when you see him person it’s pretty cool. He’s really down to earth and nice.”

And now you know why Robert Griffin III was posting photos of himself with various long snappers this week.


If you have a daughter between the ages of, say, 6 and 10, you’ve probably heard the Frozen song ‘Let It Go’ maybe 4000 or 13,625 times over the last few weeks. If you’re a Pirates fan, too, you’re going to here it more. Catcher Tony Sanchez has decided to use it as one of his walk-up tunes this season.


This is one thing you could do for the Nats’ opener on Monday.


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With Alex Len in town along with the Suns, Maryland Coach Mark Turgeon headed down to Verizon Center. Yes, he smiled.


Yeah, I’m not really sure. Looks kind of weird, but they were probably having fun.


For the third time in six years, Wegmans was ranked the top supermarket in the country in a survey of Consumer Reports readers. The rest of the top five included Trader Joe’s, Publix, Costco and Sprouts.


Via a great Kilgore story on what Bryce Harper puts into his body:

He will drink black coffee if he needs a jolt during the season. He uses off-market Gatorade products that do not contain sugar. Harper began making his own juice this winter and loved it — kale, cucumber, green apple and green tomato is a favorite. When he wants a late-night snack, he devours — “crushes,” in his vernacular — an avocado-and-cucumber sandwich.

Also, the Cardinals announcers used Harper’s spring training ejection to wonder if “Maybe that’s why some folks don’t like him in the game of baseball.”



The Nats face the Mets at 12:10 on ESPN. The NCAA tournament is back, starting with Dayton-Stanford at 7:15 on WUSA. All radio and TV listings are here.