John Carlson, left, and Karl Alzner meet fans in Silver Spring on Thursday. (Ben Sumner/The Post)

It’s been about two years since Capitals defensemen John Carlson and Karl Alzner put out their second and final ‘Roommates’ video, webisodes of their shenanigans on the road. Fans since have wondered, what happened to those videos?

“Extinct,” Carlson said. “With the new collective bargaining agreement with the league, everyone gets their own room now unless you’re in the first three years of your career.”

There you have it. The NHL lockout and the collective bargaining agreement are the reason there will be no more ‘Roommates’ episodes with Carlson and Alzner, because the duo, known as Carly and Alzy in their commercials, are no longer roommates.

The next best thing is the radio spots they’ve been doing. Though it sounds like a no-brainer, it’s the first time Carlson and Alzner worked together in commercials.

“You can tell we’re having a lot of fun,” Alzner said. “The scripts are hilarious. Our give and take is pretty good. We have a good relationship, so it’s easy to talk.”

Though banter comes naturally to them, the scripts, written by Terrence Kell, of Kell Communications, Inc., make the job easy.

“We haven’t really needed to say anything or change anything, everything has just been good – surprisingly good,” Alzner said. “There was a time when I was gonna do a commercial and I looked at the script and I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this and say these things.”

Considering the fun they have in the studio – they’re recording new tracks on Friday – one would think there would be some outtakes. According to Kell, there aren’t many, as he praised their performances. Carlson, however, isn’t so sure. “I definitely mess it up more than [Alzner].”

“If you turn it into a conversation then it’s easy,” Alzner said. “We don’t want to be stiff. We wanna have fun with it and it’s turned out pretty good.”

How do they feel about not being roommates anymore? According to Alzner, it’s good and bad. “There are times when you’re in your room and you’re like, ‘I’m so bored right now, I wish I had a roommate,’ and there’s times you’re like, ‘Thank god I don’t have a roommate.’”

Alzner and Carlson did have an idea for more roommates videos with other guys. “You can probably get a guy like Tom Wilson and Connor Carrick to do a roommate video next, cause they’re in their entry level contracts,” Alzner said. “That would be an interesting one.”

Ben Sumner works in the Post’s IT department and writes for Capitals Outsider.