Whether or not plus-minus is a bunk hockey stat, Alex Ovechkin’s flirtation with a dubious honor — most goals scored in the NHL, and worst plus-minus in the league — will draw a few confused glances as the season winds down. In fact, NBC Sports Network’s Liam McHugh brought up that odd stat during an intermission of Sunday’s Blackhawks-Penguins game, then asking Mike Milbury and Keith Jones what they had seen out of Ovechkin against the Predators.

“Not an MVP-like performance,” Jones said. “Again he has been awful defensively and continues to struggle.”

“The turnovers are inexcusable,” Milbury said, over footage of the Washington-Nashville game. “Watch him now, he gets turned defensively here. Now he’s had enough, so he’s gonna go try to get off on this particular shift and let one of his teammates take the minus. The league caught him on this one and they slapped him with a minus anyway. Not good enough.”

Here is Ovechkin, apparently attempting to fiddle with the NHL’s stats and make one of his teammates suffer.

Here’s the full video of their conversation.