DeSean Jackson has pretty clearly supplanted the Nats’ opener, the Caps’ dwindling playoff chances, the Wizards’ playoff push, the mayoral election and pro wrestling at Verizon Center as the top news story of the week.

This means there were several TV reporters at Dulles when Jackson arrived in town on Monday. And that led to interviews on moving sidewalks and escalators, and a pretty amazing exchange with Jeff Skversky from Channel 6 in Philadelphia.

“Jackson, talking exclusively to Channel 6 for the very first time since getting cut three days ago … tells me he has no animosity towards Chip Kelly or the Eagles franchise,” Skversky said in his introduction. “The three-time Pro Bowler is doing the best he can to move on. He would not get into too much detail about exactly what happened with Philadelphia. When I asked Jackson if he has any animosity toward Chip Kelly or Philadelphia, he says ‘no sir.’ Here’s what Jackson tells Action News about moving on from the Eagles.”

And then we were treated to this exchange.

Jackson: I’m moving on bro, I don’t have nothing to say about anything. I’m just moving on, man.

Skversky: What do you say to Eagles fans that supported you for six years?

Jackson: They’re gonna continue to support me. That’s not going to stop.

Skversky: Are you upset with the Eagles?

Jackson: No sir. I’m not upset with nobody.

Skversky: What do you think happened?

Jackson: Moving on man. That’s all I’ve got to say. I’m moving on.

Skversky: What do you think happened between you, Chip Kelly and the Eagles?

Jackson: It’s not my concern man.

Skversky: No animosity, no bitterness toward Philadelphia?

Jackson: God’s got a plan for me, that’s all you need to know. Take that story and run with it, God’s got a plan for me.

Skversky: And what do you say to the people that have read that article about you having gang-related ties?

Jackson: No comment.

Comcast SportsNet’s Chick Hernandez and NBC Washington’s Dianna Russini were also on the scene. Yes, as many people pointed out, this looks almost exactly like those Beats By Dre ads.