If you were glued to election coverage, tracking the latest DeSean Jackson developments, or didn’t know there’s an MTV2, you may have missed Bryce Harper on the premiere episode of “Off The Bat From the MLB Fan Cave” last night. The 30-minute series, which combines baseball and pop culture, is hosted by MTV personalities Sway, Fat Joe, Chris Distefano and Melanie Iglesias.

“So opening day was yesterday and I heard it was a knockout for you,” Sway deadpanned after questioning Harper’s choice of Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ for one of his walk-up songs.

“Literally,” Harper said with a grin. “It’s unbelievable, being able to play in a city like New York on opening day is unbelievable. It’s the start of winning a World Series, hopefully, and playing the game I love.”

In a segment called ‘Reach the Plate’, Harper had to predict whether three ceremonial first pitches would, well, reach the plate after watching each pitcher’s windup. First up: John Wall’s comically bad first pitch from 2011.


“I think those kids should be scared right now,” Harper said of the onlookers gathered behind home plate. “Look at this kid, he’s like, ‘Oh, I don’t know if I should be standing here or not.’ … I think it’s about to hit that camera guy right at his feet.”

“Great play by Storen,” Harper said after they rolled the tape of Wall’s ugly effort.

“In basketball they call that a bounce pass,” Sway said.

In Harper’s final segment, three fans competed in a three-question trivia contest. The winner would receive an autographed bat and two tickets; the losers would have their heads shaved.

Q: Bryce became the first teenager to do what in a game since 1964?

A: He stole home.

Q: Bryce worked hard this offseason, saying he wanted to start the season “as big as a ____”?


Sorry, Jason from Virginia Beach.


That’s wrong, David from D.C.


Think bigger, Brandon from North Carolina.

A: House.

Q: How many hits has Bryce accumulated?

A: 260

How would you have fared?