(Matt Rourke, AP)

Now that DeSean Jackson and the Redskins have reached a deal, attention turns to the important questions, like what number will Jackson wear?

Jackson has worn No. 10 throughout his NFL career. Robert Griffin III, the Redskins’ current owner of those digits, says the name on the front of Jackson’s jersey is more important than the number.

Assuming Griffin doesn’t part with No. 10, Jackson still can’t go back to the No. 1 he wore at Cal and in high school at Long Beach Poly, because single digits are reserved for quarterbacks and specialists in the NFL. Wide receivers wear 10-19, or 80-89.

The list of former Redskins players who have worn No. 1 includes the late Reggie Roby, Matt Turk and Ryan Plackemeier. John Potter wore it in three games last year before being released. But maybe Jackson could go with two 1s and become 11?

Jackson could also go back to whichever number he wore with the Marlins.

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(Note: This item and poll have been updated based on the NFL’s uniform rules. The poll originally included “1” as an option; that was changed to 11.)