We knew Wale helped recruit DeSean Jackson during the receiver’s visit to Washington. We knew that Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kevin Durant added their efforts online. We knew that Durant even called Jackson to urge him to sign with Washington.

But there was one name we didn’t know too much about: John Wall.

John Wall? The night Jackson and friends went out on the town, Wall was in Charlotte with the Wizards. And in any case, he’s a Cowboys fan. So why was DeAngelo Hall thanking the Wizards star for helping to make the Jackson signing happen?

Turns out Wall and Jackson had a pre-existing relationships from both keeping homes in Southern California, and Wall put in a word during Jackson’s visit to Washington.

“I knew him. I met him in L.A. and just said, ‘Waddup’ to him,” Wall explained to The Post’s Michael Lee. “[Monday] night, we lost that game in Charlotte, and I was mad and upset. And they all had went to Eden to show him a good time, and I wanted to go, but I was mad about the game. So I just told him, enjoy your trip, wish you the best of luck, and I know they’d love to have [you] here. That’s something big. They got another weapon to make their team dangerous.”

But why would a Cowboys fan try to help the Redskins?

“I’m a Cowboys fan, I ain’t going to lie about that,” Wall told Lee. “But I tell people — it’s kind of weird — but when they are not playing each other, I don’t mind cheering for [the Redskins]. Because I go to the games, and I’m cool with RGIII and DeAngelo Hall and those guys. Don’t look like [the Cowboys] trying to get better anytime soon. So, somebody got to do good.”

Never have so many Redskins fans felt so good about the actions of a Cowboys fan.


In other John Wall news, he’s finally going to the playoffs. He talked to Lee about that, too:

I knew it would be a tough journey, but I didn’t think it would be this tough and this long,” Wall said. “It’s everything I’ve been waiting for as a point guard and trying to learn how to lead in this league and become a better player, but also I think the fans deserve it — the tough time they went through and booing us and feeling bad when we’re not playing good. . . . It took a long time, but I’m kind of happy and excited to say I’m going to be in the postseason, I won’t have an early vacation.”


Lot of Cowboys fans in crisis, apparently.


Via 106.7 The Fan’s Chris Lingebach:

A handful of Redskins groundskeepers were taking lunch at Fuddruckers, located just a few miles away from Redskins Park in Ashburn, when the vehicle they’d carpooled in — the white F-350 seen in the photo above — had slipped out of park and rolled into the parked car in front of it.

Yes, their vehicle then crashed into the vehicle of a Cowboys fan. Lingebach has all the details.


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