(Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

Jackie Griffin didn’t field any questions about the Redskins or her son, Robert Griffin III, from callers on her radio program Tuesday, but she spent a few minutes talking Redskins with me after the show.

On Jay Gruden:

“I have not had the pleasure [to meet him], but I’ve heard great things about him. My husband met his brother and he held our son in high regard, even before his brother came here. They have a great family name and a great family background, and I expect great things from him. I think they’ll do well. We have nothing against the prior regime; we were just praying that everything would work out. We don’t know enough about the NFL and we’re all new to this. We’ve all been told, this is a business, and so we just hope that everyone in the business can get along and do great things.”

On her time in D.C.:

“Everyone that we’ve dealt with has shown us great love since we’ve been here. We had the same experience when we were at Baylor. We went into a situation where we weren’t sure how we were going to be received because we were from Copperas Cove and Copperas Cove and Waco were rivals. They treated us with great love, and when we got up here, the same thing happened.

“In our opinion, the Snyder family is awesome. Not because they have done anything extra for us that they haven’t done for anyone else or other players, but just knowing what they stand for, how their family sticks together, how they raise their kids. The values that they instill in their family we’ve seen firsthand from going to games. They’re a great family. I think a lot of time they don’t get good publicity, especially Mr. Snyder, but he’s a great guy in my opinion.”

On the Redskins nickname:

“I don’t really know enough about the history of it. I tend to stay away from commenting on things that I have not researched and I don’t know about. My husband and I have really remained neutral on it and I haven’t had anything anything to say about it because that’s too high for us. We have no idea.”