(Patrick Smith/NHLI via Getty Images)

At the end of Wednesday’s “PTI” on ESPN, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon discussed Adam Oates calling out Alex Ovechkin for quitting on a play that led to a goal in Tuesday’s 5-0 loss to the Stars.

“Wilbon, what does it say about Ovechkin if he can’t even get his team to the playoffs?” Kornheiser asked after reading Oates’s quote and showing the goal.

“First of all, film don’t lie,” Wilbon said. “You saw it right there, a guy skated right past him and scored the goal. If they can’t get to the playoffs, you need to trade Alexander Ovechkin. Start to build, go in a different direction, see what you could get for him, which would be a lot. He’s 28 years old; he’s a three-time MVP. But it ain’t working here if they can’t get to the playoffs.”

“So you gotta rock the dead, not rock the red,” Kornheiser said.

Here’s the play on which Oates said Ovechkin quit.

While it’s tempting to call for the Caps to trade the entire team (and then replace GMGM) after Tuesday’s debacle, Neil Greenberg outlined several reasons why they won’t trade Ovechkin last year. Whether Caps fans rock the red or rock the dead, it almost certainly will be with No. 8 on the ice.