Via Conan on TBS

Conan O’Brien taped his late-night show at the Majestic Theater in Dallas this week to promote the Final Four, which is at the Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium and will be broadcast on TBS. Each episode has featured a segment in which a catapult launches something “uniquely Texan” into a basketball hoop.

On Thursday night, after launching a Texas Instruments calculator, Conan flipped the script.

“For our final object of the week, we’re launching a huge enemy to all the people of Dallas — a Washington Redskin fan,” he said, eliciting cheers.

The “fan” was a mannequin in a Robert Griffin III jersey. It’s hard to say if the mangled right knee was intentional.

“But you know something, we’re in Dallas,” Conan continued.  “A basketball net is too good for a Redskins fan, so we’re going to bring out a dumpster!”

Burn. You can watch the entire thing below. Or not.

Thanks to @headsoak for bringing this ridiculous segment to our attention.