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“Oh, DeSean, DeSean,” Michelle Beadle said on ESPN’s SportsNation on Thursday, introducing the show’s first topic.

It was about DeSean Jackson’s uniform number. How he didn’t immediately announce that Robert Griffin III could keep No. 10.

“Uh, wow, heck of of a start for DeSean,” Beadle said. “Is this a good thing or a bad thing?”

“DeSean’s a fantastic player, but this is a bad thing,” Max Kellerman said. “Let me tell you what the moral of the story is here: you get in where you fit in. DeSean Jackson’s ego is part of what makes him such a fantastic player. It’s also partly the reason he’s only getting the $16 million guarantee right now.”

“Okay, you’re talking about the hype, but I’m going to talk about who’s the more accomplished veteran,” Marcellus Wiley disagreed. “This is the Rules of the Locker Room 101. The more accomplished veteran makes it a conversation. Now, it’s not an easy conversation, but DeSean Jackson has his points, he has his merits.”

What am I doing with my life? Heck, what are you doing with your life? At least I’m getting paid for this.

To answer the question: No, this is not a bad start to DeSean’s Redskins career. Especially because, if you read the original item, Mike Jones noted that Jackson “semi-jokingly” mentioned having a conversation about this issue.

Also, #CancelDebate.

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(Via ESPN)