If you were at Nationals Park this weekend, you may have sampled some of the new concessions available throughout the stadium. You may have also taken one look at the lines and/or prices and decided to wait for a weekday game against the Marlins and/or your next paycheck. Forget Dollar Dogs; when is $8 Crab Cake Night?

This won’t make you feel any better, but I was flipping through a 1966 Senators program from my grandfather’s collection and came across a District Sportservice Inc. price list for concessions at what was then called D.C. Stadium (now RFK). It’s beautiful:

Oh, to have been at a media event in 1966 washing down ham and cheese sandwiches with half pints of milk. I can imagine the outcry from traditionalists whenever the fish sandwich was introduced.

Based on the ads in the program, the local craft beer selection was lacking.  A Philadelphia beer in Washington’s home park? Blasphemy.

The ballpark menu looks a little different today.

Scott Allen/The Washington Post
Scott Allen/The Washington Post