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Of all the potential bad things to come out of Robert Griffin III’s new personal logo, here’s the worst: the prospect of transcribing repeated radio interviews about Robert Griffin III’s new personal logo.

“Anybody who knows Robert knows he’s entirely focused on football,” first-year coach Jay Gruden said Monday afternoon on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Rich Gannon and Bruce Murray.

The question, of course, was whether things such as having a personal logo would ever prompt Gruden to have a Parcells-like chat with Griffin about the perils of celebrity quarterbacking.

“He works out more than anybody I’ve ever seen,” Gruden went on. “If I ever felt like that was an issue, or if he was spending more time trying to create logos than he was working out and getting himself ready to play, then there’d be an issue. But there’s no issue in my mind. I think nowadays, these quarterbacks and these players in general, they have people do a lot of work for them. They have these mangers, these agents, and these commercial people working for them, and they’re doing all the work. I don’t think Robert’s doing any. He’s just signing off on it. Adidas is doing all the logo things for him.

“So if it’s extra money for him, have at it,” Gruden concluded. “As far as dedication and his desire to win and his work ethic, that is not to be questioned. He’s unlike anybody I’ve ever seen as far as that’s concerned.”

Of more interest to Redskins fans, perhaps, were Gruden’s thoughts when asked about protecting Griffin from the on-field abuse he seemed to take over the past two seasons.

“Well, you’re always concerned about getting your quarterback hit when you start designing some runs where he’s a possible ball carrier,” Gruden said. “The fact of the matter is on some of those designed runs where he ran the ball, I think he protects himself pretty good. It’s just the scrambles where he’s trying to hold the ball and make a play. He’s such a competitor; he wants every play to work, [so] he gets himself into trouble by not throwing the ball away from time to time and he takes unnecessary hits trying to get an extra yard or two when he could just scamper out of bounds and have it be [second-and-9] instead of [second-and-7], you know?

“He’s got to pick his shots. But I think when you have the ability that he has, I think we’d be foolish not to have some kind of option as far as running the football with him. You know, I see Colin Kaepernick does it, I see [Russell] Wilson do it, Andrew Luck even has a couple if I’m not mistaken. So there are some great options in that regard. But we do have to take the shots off of him, because any time you have a franchise quarterback like that, you want to make sure he’s healthy for the long haul, and it’s our job to do that.”