(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

Robert Griffin III on Sunday unveiled his new personal logo on his new Instagram account. Don’t expect a similar unveiling from Kirk Cousins, who already has a personal logo of sorts. The Redskins’ backup quarterback sported a Kansas City Royals baseball cap at last week’s advanced screening of the movie “Draft Day” in Ashburn, though he doesn’t know much about Ned Yost’s club.

“I can’t say I’m a big Royals fan, but I’ve always kind of stockpiled Kansas City gear, just because it’s my initials and I think it’s a simple logo,” Cousins told me. “It’s fun to wear every now and then, and I’ve got a receding hairline, so I like to hide it.”

Even with a cap that doubled as a name tag, Cousins blended into the crowd and appeared to go unnoticed by some of the Redskins fans in attendance at the screening. The same could not be said for Ryan Kerrigan, who wore a blue Nationals cap.

Do we think Trevor Booker and Troy Brouwer have closets full of Tampa Bay Rays gear? I sure hope so.