After Aaron Barrett earned a win in his major league debut on opening day, I joked that the Nationals reliever deserved his own T-shirt. Well, he’s getting one, courtesy of Rowdy Gentleman.

Rowdy Gentleman is the apparel arm of Grandex Media, whose sites include, and Barrett and Grandex VP of Sales & Customer Relations Matt Cisneros began e-mailing last September, while Barrett was finishing his first season at Double-A Harrisburg.

“I thought he was a cool guy; he went to Ole Miss and just kind of fit our company,” Cisneros said. “We reached out to him and basically sent him some stuff. We didn’t expect Bryce Harper to wind up in the photos.”

Barrett outfitted several teammates, including Harper, with RG gear toward the end of spring training.

“He mentioned one time, ‘Man, it would be so cool if y’all could do a Nationals tee,'” Cisneros said.

After Barrett made the team, Cisneros worked to make it happen. He said he’s mailing about 60 of the T-shirts pictured above to the Nationals clubhouse as a gift. The shirts will not be available for sale.

While Cisneros has sent Rowdy Gentleman gear to Astros farmhand Jordan Jankowski and Bryce Harper’s brother, Bryan, before, he said this is the first time the company has produced a special edition, team-specific shirt.

“I’m sure they’re going to be excited about it,” Cisneros said. “Hopefully we can make another one for the World Series if they get there.”