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If you missed James Wagner’s story on Matt Williams’ goofy side, including the footage of Williams imitating Babe Ruth’s home run trot with a pillow stuffed underneath his jersey, go check it out. An excerpt:

Early in his career, Williams was known for his impersonations of teammates and baseball greats. A 1990 Chicago Tribune article referred to Williams, at the time the San Francisco Giants’ third baseman, as being “renowned throughout the National League as a master of baseball impressions.” His manager, Roger Craig, said then that Williams could do an impression of “just about anyone.” Williams would perform on demand.

Just don’t ask Williams to do an impression of himself.

“I can’t do normal people,” Williams told Ron Fimrite in a June 1994 Sports Illustrated profile. “They have to be eccentrics. I can’t do me.”

From the same SI piece:

In fact, there is nothing at all normal about Williams at the plate. Settling into the box, he has more nervous tics than Captain Queeg. First, he rocks the bat back and forth as if practicing his golf swing, nuzzling his left shoulder with every forward rock. He awaits the pitch in a paroxysm of bat wiggling, foot lifting and hip swiveling. “Somehow,” says a bemused [Dusty] Baker, “all that movement seems to give him power.”

“It’s just a collection of nervous habits,” says Williams.

Thankfully, Batting Stance Guy captures Williams’ stance and shoulder nuzzle quite well in the video below.


Now we just need Batting Stance Guy imitating Matt Williams imitating Babe Ruth.