John Wall celebrates shots of a different kind. (Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

The John Wall shot was a popular order in Kentucky bars during Wall’s only season in Lexington. In 2010, Jim Bowden asked Wall about the concoction during a Fox Sports Radio interview before the Wizards made him the No. 1 pick. Obviously, Dan wrote about it:

“Look, you haven’t even played one game in the NBA yet, and there’s already a John Wall shot,” Bowden told Wall. “Are you aware of this?”

“Yes sir, I heard about it in Kentucky,” Wall said.

“All right, well what is in a John Wall shot, so our listeners on this Memorial weekend can party with you?” Bowden asked, while wondering why he never thought of a Lastings Milledge or Steven Shell shot.

“Uh, I don’t know,” Wall said. “You know, I’m too young to drink or anything, I haven’t made it to a bar, so I don’t know what’s in my drink.”

Fortunately for curious listeners, after the interview ended, Bowden — with some prompting — filled in the details.

“Here it is, it’s a mix of blue raspberry vodka, sour mix, and Sprite,” Bowden told his rapt audience. “That’s official. The John Wall shot: blue raspberry vodka, sour mix and Sprite. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.”

Four years later, Wall is of legal drinking age and his shot lives on. There were a lot of John Walls consumed during last night’s NCAA Tournament championship game.

One fan made 999 John Wall Jell-O shots for the game — 111 for each of the nine national titles he expected the Wildcats to have after last night. U-Conn.’s win left Kentucky stuck on eight national titles, of course, but it’s unlikely that anyone was complaining about 111 extra Jell-O shots (even ones that feature blue raspberry vodka as a main ingredient). It could’ve been worse.

Mine, too. Especially the circus variety.