(AP Photo/Nick Wass)

The Nationals should consider supplementing reliever Tyler Clippard’s “Nothing But Goggles” slogan with a new one: “Nothing But Nasty.”

Clippard began throwing a splitter in games last September and told Kilgore he planned to make it a regular weapon in his repertoire. So far, so good. After throwing the first two splitters of his major league career on Sept. 7, Clippard used the pitch seven more times in 2013, inducing a swing and a miss just once.

In five appearances this season, Clippard has thrown six splitters, including three last night. Clippard got his first whiff on a splitter in 2014 when Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton swung through a 2-2 pitch to retire the side.

It was nasty. Actually, it was more than that.

Even Stanton had to smile.


Apologies for not capturing the full dive of Clippard’s pitch; I was too focused on F.P.’s adjectives. Next time I’ll use Instagram.