(Paul Connors / AP)

Andre Roberts chose to sign with the Redskins with the idea that he would be the team’s No. 2 receiver this season.

“Being able to come in here, they’re asking me to do some things that I want to do, that I feel like I’m very capable of doing,” Roberts said on SiriusXM NFL Radio shortly after choosing Washington. “It was pretty much mutual in what we expected from each other.”

But before he played a single snap in Washington, Roberts saw the team sign DeSean Jackson, who has a slightly longer resume and a slightly higher pay grade. And so now it isn’t exactly clear what Roberts will be asked to do.

That’s just how the league is and that’s how the league works,” Roberts said on ESPN 980’s Inside the Locker Room Thursday afternoon. “Going into my situation, I wanted to be the No. 2 receiver, but I still don’t know how it’s going to work out. Obviously when you look at how much money is being made by each guy, you’d think that’s going to [help determine] No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3. But I’m coming into this situation not knowing anything, and just trying to learn the playbook right now. And wherever they want to put me, I’m ready and willing to do it.”

Doc Walker then asked what role Roberts envisions for himself in Washington’s offense.

“Well, I envisioned one thing, and then we signed DeSean Jackson, so I haven’t really thought about it too much,” Roberts said. “Like I said, I’m just trying to learn this playbook and learn every position as I was asked to do. And whenever this season starts, I’ll be ready to go.”

Roberts also said that he could get opportunities to face No. 3 cornerbacks because of Washington’s depth.

“Of course,” he said. “Those different kind of match-ups are exactly what I look for, and I’m sure Coach Gruden is looking for as well. As a receiver you have to be excited about this offense that we’re about to get into, and having three receivers on the field, and us throwing the ball a good bit.”

And Roberts said that he’s already told special teams coach Ben Kotwica that he wants to return as many kicks as possible.

“The special teams coach, he’s asked me what I wanted to do, he’s given me the ability to have the choice,” Roberts said. “And what I want to do is punt return and kick return if I have that choice. Any time I feel like I can get my hands on the ball, I want to. I’m definitely one of those selfish kind of guys, and I want to get my hands on the ball every play: every play on offense or any time I get a chance on special teams. So if I can get back there and return some kicks and return some punts for this team, I’m gonna be pretty happy. That’s my mentality. I want the ball every play. If I can get it, I want to get it.”