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There have been many reasons suggested for the apparent lack of excitement about the Wizards with the playoffs approaching. Beat writer Michael Lee spent part of his morning retweeting and refuting a few of them on Twitter, and presenting evidence to the contrary for those who suggested that there is, in fact, a buzz about this year’s team.

And at least one reader suggested that The Washington Post is part of the problem.

It’s an interesting claim and one that’s relatively easy to investigate. The Wizards have played five games in the 12 days since they clinched a playoff spot for the first time since 2008. Here’s what presence the Wizards have had, if any, on the front page of Sports during that time, and a look at which teams and stories have been featured most prominently.

Thursday, April 3
Main: Wizards clinch playoff spot.

Friday, April 4
Main: A feature on the NCAA, amateurism and Northwestern’s unionization efforts from the Final Four.
Wizards: More playoff reaction (below the fold).

Saturday, April 5
Main: Nationals.
Wizards: Game story (right column).

Sunday, April 6
Main: Kentucky-Wisconsin Final Four game story.
Wizards: Game story (below the fold).

Monday, April 7
Main: Terps women lose in Final Four.
Wizards: Jason Reid column (below the fold).

Tuesday, April 8
Main: U-Conn. men’s basketball team captures national title.
Wizards: Tease to a story on an inside page.

Wednesday, April 9
Main: Marcin Gortat feature.

Thursday, April 10
Main: Masters preview.
Wizards: Game story (right column).

Friday, April 11
Main: Nationals.
Wizards: Tease to a story on an inside page.

Saturday, April 12
Main: Nationals.
Wizards: Game story (above the fold).

Sunday, April 13
Main: Capitals collapse.
Wizards: Game story (below the fold).

Monday, April 14
Main: Bubba Watson wins Masters
Wizards: Jason Reid column (right column).

So, the Wizards have had some presence on the front page of Sports for each of the past 12 days. There has been an article or column about the Wizards that starts on the front page on 10 of those 12 days. The Wizards have been featured as the main story twice, compared to three times for the Nationals and one time for the Capitals. That all seems pretty reasonable to me.

Would more large photos of John Wall and Bradley Beal drum up interest in the Wizards? Would more glamour shots of Marcin Gortat?