(Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)
(Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

Last week, Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com took a look at which teams have signed the most new players since the offseason started Feb. 3. Free of the salary cap penalties that have hampered them for the past two years, the Redskins have signed the third-most players with 13. Just like old times.

Rosenthal also looked at which team’s rosters have been the most stable since 2011. You might be surprised to learn that the Redskins rank at the top of the list, tied with the Green Bay Packers for the most players (25) remaining on their roster from 2011.

If you guessed that the teams with more stable rosters tend to be the teams that have won more games since 2011, you’d be right. Of the seven teams with at least 20 players remaining on their rosters from 2011, the Redskins and the Falcons are the only two who didn’t make the playoffs last season.

At the other end of the roster turnover spectrum, the Colts are the only team that has had success over the past two years. Indianapolis has seven players remaining on its roster from 2011.

 2013 Wins vs. Players Remaining From 2011

2012 Wins + 2013 Wins vs. Players Remaining From 2011

Via Rosenthal:

We never would have guessed that the Redskins were tied with Green Bay for the most players left from 2011. This speaks to a few factors. Washington was hamstrung over the last few years by salary cap issues. While the Redskins’ new front office aggressively has picked up players this offseason, there are still a ton of “Shanahan” players in the building.

The Redskins’ stability also speaks to their lack of change at defensive coordinator. Despite all the losing, Jim Haslett is one of the longest tenured coordinators in the league.