The Nationals weren’t playing the Braves last night, which means they won, which means it’s okay to laugh at this silly video of Ian Desmond saying the first words that come to mind about several of his teammates.

F.P. Santangelo played this game with Ryan Zimmerman a year ago and the Nationals’ third baseman gave some excellent answers. Tyler Clippard? “Goggles.” Roger Bernadina? “He likes to dance.” Ross Detwiler? “Huh, Ross. Uh…he loves hockey. NHL.” And so on.

Santangelo sat down with Desmond before Saturday’s game against Atlanta, and let’s just say the shortstop was more reluctant than Zimmerman to say the first word that came to mind when prompted. “I thought I was going to be much better than this,” Desmond confesses at one point.

Here are the words that Desmond eventually came up with: professional, sleepy, smiley, under-appreciated, pretty/diva, gnarly, pretty/diva (again), about as plain as you can get, pretty quiet and Elvis manager Col. Parker.

Can you guess which Nationals players they apply to?