Brian Sealock takes in a Caps game. (Ben Sumner/The Post)

Caps fan Brian Sealock has a relatively unique way of showing his fandom for the Washington Capitals. He wears it on his prosthetic leg.

Sealock, of Winchester, lost his right leg in a work accident in 2008. While he isn’t the first fan to show team spirit (or RGIII spirit) this way, he’s likely the only Caps fan.

Aside from Capitals games, Sealock has shown off his leg at practice, and even had it autographed by Tom Wilson, Braden Holtby and Comcast SportsNet’s Alan May. “They loved it. [Alan] May held it up and took a picture of it,” Sealock said, while taking in the Caps’ season finale at Verizon Center on Sunday. He’s been attending games for three seasons.

The decision on how to decorate a prosthetic isn’t something done on a whim. Each of Sealock’s artificial legs costs $26,000, and lasts between two and five years. As for the logo that’s on there? It’s from a T-shirt.

Already with a Capitals and Redskins leg, Sealock will have to make choices in the future for new ones. What will he get next? “Maybe Red Sox,” he said.

Ben Sumner works in the Post’s IT department and writes for Capitals Outsider.