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You won’t believe how much money Gilbert Arenas made in 2013

(Photo by Richard A. Lipski/For The Washington Post)

The latest issue of ESPN The Magazine features a compilation of the highest-paid athletes in the world. Gilbert Arenas is on it. Yes, that Gilbert Arenas. The Gilbert Arenas who has been out of the league since 2012.

Arenas’s $22.3 million salary (!) in 2013 ranks 30th among all athletes and is the third-highest among NBA players. Only Kobe Bryant  ($30.5 million) and Dirk Nowitzki ($22.7 million) made more. You could buy a lot of fireworks with $22.3 million.

Arenas, who made $9,389,600 with the Wizards in 2005, signed a six-year, $111 million contract in 2008 and was traded to the Orlando Magic in 2010. The Magic used the amnesty clause on Arenas in 2011, so his salary doesn’t count against the team’s salary cap or luxury tax. Phew.

Alex Ovechkin is the sixth-highest paid NHL player at $69 million.