(Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Feeling good following the Wizards’ Game 1 win, Wizards guard Bradley Beal visited a Chicago institution on Monday.

So what kind of pie did Beal order at Giordano’s, where they claim the stuffed pies are 40% bigger than their top competitors’ deep-dish pizzas?

Via the Post’s Michael Lee, who asked Beal about his meal after seeing his tweet:

“I can’t eat that fat pie piece, whatever it’s called,” Beal said. “Deep dish pizza, I can’t eat that. I got the regular thin one. I didn’t eat a lot because I heard it’ll just sit there and you’ll be in the bathroom for hours.”

That would be especially problematic on a game day (DNP-ZA), and a horrible way to spend an off day. Beal grew up in St. Louis, where the local take on pizza features an ultra-thin crust. St. Louis-style pizza is President Obama’s favorite kind, which probably irks Chicagoans a lot more than what Beal thinks.

Here’s what BB missed out on…