You may have seen the 2014 NBA playoff bracket posted to Reddit that advances teams based on their head-to-head regular season records against their opponents in each round.

Using this method, which breaks ties using point differential, the Wizards emerge as your 2014 NBA champions. Pretty cool, right? At the very least, it’s interesting. In this alternate universe, Washington would not want to see Charlotte or Toronto knock off the Heat, because the Wizards went 1-3 against both the Bobcats and Raptors this season.

(Note: The graphic above says Washington was 2-2 against Oklahoma City. The Wizards were 1-1 against the Thunder and had the better point differential.)

Not to rain on your ticker-tape parade, but here’s how the 2013 NBA playoffs would’ve gone using the same method. The Grizzlies’ surprising run to the Western Conference finals wouldn’t have happened and LeBron James would still have one ring.

And here’s how the 2013 NBA playoffs actually played out. (I like the first way a lot better.)

This concludes your Wizards playoff reality check for the day. Please return to happy thoughts in advance of Game 2.