(Via Monumental Network)
(Via Monumental Network)

You thought the Bradley Beal vs. Chicago pizza deal was a one-day story? You new around here?

On Tuesday, Beal told reporters that he “can’t eat that fat pie piece, whatever it’s called” because it would keep him “in the bathroom for hours.”

Beal then was asked about it early Wednesday morning after the Wizards’ Game 2 win over the Bulls.

“Brad, I was curious what happened to get you into that rhythm there at the end of the game?” a reporter Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times asked. “And secondly, do you credit thin-crust pizza with this game?”

Beal and John Wall then laughed, as seen above. (Watch the video here.)

“Chicago pizza’s not better than St. Louis pizza, though,” Beal began. “I’ll tell you that.

“But it was just my mentality. I think John can agree to this: I don’t like losing. And whatever it takes to win, for this team to win, man, I’m gonna do it. Whether it’s scoring the ball, defending their best player or getting a rebound. Just the griminess, just having that mental approach and that confidence in the game, I think that’s what me and John both bring to the table.

“Those situations in the fourth quarter, I felt as though I just had to get going, I had to uplift the team and get us going offensively,” Beal continued. “And my teammates did a great job of setting me up, and I was fortunate to be able to put some points on the board.”

He never returned to the more interesting topic of how St. Louis pizza is better than Chicago pizza. As Scott noted yesterday, President Obama shares Beal’s opinion. Both men are apparently fond of Pi, which is located just a couple blocks from Verizon Center (and the White House). And that restaurant’s Web site boasts of “award-winning deep and thin crust pizza.” But whatever.