When I wrote about Andre Miller’s shoelaces and socks last month — his game-night shoelaces tied behind his ankles, his socks worn inside out, with a bunch of extra space bunched up at the end — it was pretty clear to me that this was a different sort of ballplayer.

Miller made the point again Tuesday night. Before the biggest game of the season to date, the veteran point guard cruised through the media buffet line to get some pregame nourishment in the form of corn and salad.

Turns out Miller actually gets media buffet food before many games, including home games, as part of his game-day routine. Presumably this many people noticed on Tuesday night because of the large playoff crowd. I’m told this isn’t unheard of for young players who don’t have mega-contracts. Even veterans will regularly send ballboys to get them food from the media dining area. And Jerry Sloan was famous for eating pregame dinners in the media room.

But apparently not too many 38-year olds who have made tens of millions of dollars go through the playoff media buffet line to get corn and salad.

Either way, it’s awesome.