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If you didn’t stick around for the bottom of the ninth inning at Nationals Park last night, you missed a thrilling finish capped by Adam LaRoche’s game-winning single. I was pretty happy to be watching at home, so I could watch Jayson Werth’s amazing postgame Gatorade shower over and over again.

“Should’ve warned you, my fault, my fault,” MASN reporter and dousing abettor Dan Kolko said.

“That’s on you,” Werth replied.

(Via MASN)

The Nationals have seven comeback wins in 22 games, putting them on pace for 51 this season. (Washington had 36 comebacks wins last year.) The Nats, who have been outscored 44-12 in the first two innings this season, actually had a 1-0 lead Wednesday until the sixth. They trailed 4-1 entering the ninth.

Werth talked about Washington’s resiliency after the game.

Via James Wagner:

“Our ability to come back is great,” Werth said. “Early on in April especially, you put these come-from-behind wins, you put them in your pocket and you put them in the bank. It’s something you can build on. As the season goes on, you got those under your belt. This is good. We may not be playing our best ball at times, but I like the way we’re playing.”

(Via MASN)

That beard looked like it could use a wash anyway.

After getting doused, Werth had a message for the fans who stuck around.

“Let’s give it up for all the fans that stuck through this one,” he said. “We’ll be back here again tomorrow.”