(Via HBO)

On the debut episode of his satirical news show “Last Week Tonight,” former “Daily Show” correspondent John Oliver sits down with Gen. Keith Alexander, former director of the National Security Agency.

Toward the end of their interview, Oliver suggests that the NSA might combat its perception problem with the American people by #rebranding.

“As we learned with Blackwater, you don’t have to change the substance of anything that you do as long as you visibly rebrand,” Oliver deadpans. “So let’s try this: The Washington Redskins. It’s a slightly less tainted brand than yours.”

“Yeah, but probably not a good one to go with,” Alexander replies.


“Sorry, no good,” Oliver says, before reaching for another card and suggesting Mr. Tiggles, whose logo is a a kitten peeking out of a rain boot.

Alexander isn’t keen on Mr. Tiggles, either, but I think he’d look great on a football helmet.

(Via HBO)

You can watch the entire first episode, which aired Sunday, here. The interview with Alexander begins at about the 24-minute mark.