(Via MASN)

The rhythm of baseball occasionally allows for the game’s dedicated broadcasters to take a step back from the action and mull on life’s grander mysteries, and the chatter in the crowd, and the passage of time, and whether Rob Dibble is kind of like Kenny Powers.

This happened during Saturday’s game, when San Diego’s intensely mustachioed reliever Dale Thayer came into the game, and prompted a discussion of the great mustachioed relievers of yesteryear.

“He reminds me a little of the Mad Hungarian,” Bob Carpenter said. “Goose Gossage had one of those things going for a while.”

“Yeah,” F.P. Santangelo agreed. “He did.”

“Yeah, the persona of relievers really started changing back in the ’70s with some of those characters,” Carpenter said.

“Kenny Powers…” Santangelo said.

“Who’s Kenny Powers?” Carpenter asked.

“From Eastbound & Down,” Santangelo answered.

“Oh okay,” Carpenter said.

“A show on HBO,” Santangelo continued. “About a guy that is a lot like your old partner.”

“I am so out of touch with pop culture,” Carpenter admitted. “Well, I knew Rob Dibble in person, so I guess I don’t need to know who Kenny Powers is. Dibs was one of a kind. You could do a reality show about this booth for nine years. Having a lot of fun now. And this ballclub is starting to bring things together.”

Anyhow, the key point was one Nats color man comparing another Nats color man to Kenny Powers. And fans seemed to appreciate the comparison.