(Via Major League Ultimate)

Lost amid the growing Wizards playoff fervor — and really, every other local sports story not involving the District’s semi-pro ultimate frisbee team — is the strong start to the season by the D.C. Current.

The Current, who finished 4-6 in Major League Ultimate’s inaugural season, is 2-1 in Year 2 and handed last year’s champs, the Boston Whitecaps, their first loss in franchise history on April 19. That game featured a pretty exciting finish as ultimate frisbee finishes go. Like, exciting-enough-to-blog-about-it-about-10-days-later exciting.

Washington and Boston appeared headed to overtime after the Current’s final huck (hey, new sports term) fell incomplete. A foul was called on the play and 10 seconds were put back on the clock.

Peter Prial made the most of the Current’s second chance, sending a “floaty hammer” to the end zone that Calvin Oung managed to snag among a crowd.

This concludes your Major League Ultimate — and sports vernacular — update. Floaty. Hammer.