(Todd Warshaw/Getty Images)

For weeks now, Robert Griffin III has been tweeting about #TheMovement. As a proud student of various social movements throughout history, and also of Twitter, this made me curious. So curious, in fact, that I asked DeAngelo Hall what the heck this #TheMovement was about.

Well, that wasn’t particularly satisfying. #TheMovement sounds like a cause; #TheGrind sounds like a dance move, or possibly like a college town coffee shop where you go to pretend to read a roman à clef while actually just looking in the classified section of the alt weekly for a while and then staring at your phone. Luckily, Comcast SportsNet’s Chick Hernandez came through, in a recent interview with Griffin himself. Hernandez asked Griffin just how different he feels now than he did last year at this time.

“I feel great, and I think the team does as well,” the quarterback said. “We’ve got some new faces here, a lot of excitement. And we’ll actually get a chance to play the brand of football that we want to play, determined by the players, and Coach Jay Gruden’s gonna allow us to do that. So whenever you see me tweet #TheMovement, it’s just saying what is the movement? What do we want to be known for?

“And I’ve talked to my teammates about it,” Griffin went on. “We decide what our identity is. We’re gonna play whatever kind of brand of football that we want to play, and that’s part of our movement, and we’re excited about presenting that to the fans this upcoming season. And we can’t promise many things. We can’t promise how many wins or how many losses, but we can promise you this: It’s gonna be exciting.”

In case you missed the key part of all that, the Redskins will now “actually get a chance to play the brand of football that we want to play.”