(Steve Helber/AP)

Robert Griffin III did a round of media interviews last week, and in one of those interviews, he was asked about his benching near the end of the 2013 season.

“The way I refer to it, and really what happened is coach brought me in his office and said he was shutting me down for the rest of the year,” Griffin told Comcast SportsNet’s Chick Hernandez. “So a lot of people say I was benched, but I was really shut down. Or if you want to have some fun, I was ‘sent to the offseason.’ So it’s another unique situation. Never been a part of anything like that, never heard of anything like that in the history of the league.

“You know, I got to see things in a different light those last three games,” Griffin continued. “And [to] truly understand some of the things that happened to me and what’s going to happen moving forward. We’re all in this together. Coach Jay [Gruden] has come in and echoed that message to the team. We’re willing to win by any means necessary, and he’s gonna give us all the opportunities to make those plays. So we’re all excited. It’s truly been a blessing. Last year, even though people would look at it and say why would that be a blessing, it was a blessing. It showed me who I am, and I think it showed a lot of players and a lot of people that cover this team what really happened.”

Hernandez also asked about the prospects of another Griffin.

“There is no RG4,” Griffin said. “I know that’s what everybody though the Instagram post was gonna be. But no, the wife kind of wants to wait, so I’m all for that. We want to keep living a little bit more, and when she’s ready I’m ready.”