(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

As Michael Lee noted, the Wizards’ celebration late Tuesday night was fairly muted.

Still, there were a few celebratory highlights, helpfully captured by the Wizards’ team cameras. Watch the team’s full postgame video here. I’ve chosen five highlights.

1. Wall throws the ball

As the final seconds ticked off, Bradly Beal silently pumped his fist. John Wall was a tad more demonstrative, flinging the basketball nearly the length of the court.

2. Nene hugs Wall

Nene actually hugged a lot of people, including the owner. But this one was notable in that the Brazilian big man seemed to entirely envelop Wall in his giant arms.

3. Nene hugs Gortat

Another hug, this one between two pals. Remember this?

Nene: “He is my soul…”

Gortat: “Soulmate.”

Nene: “My soulmate on the court. Okay? That’s it.”

4. Wall screams

The team’s two young guards had very different reactions as they walked back to their locker room.

“We’re not done yet,” Bradley Beal said. “We’ve got another series to go. Take it one game at a time. We’re got to keep rolling.”

Meanwhile, here was Wall’s Take.


5. Ernie!

Meanwhile, inside the locker room, Ernie Grunfeld slapped hands with shirtless basketball players.