I don’t know if winning a first-round playoff series gets front-page play in cities such as San Antonio and Miami, but the Wizards on A1 is a pretty sight.

Giddy John Wall, deflated Joakim Noah, Glen Rice Jr.’s mohawk — everything about the photo is perfect. When can I get my Round 2 commemorative poster?

The photo on the front of Sports pretty much summed up Game 5.

Here’s A1 from the last time Washington won a playoff series, also against the Bulls, in 2005. Gilbert Arenas and Larry Hughes combined to shoot only 14 for 45, but Washington closed out Chicago at home with a 94-91 win.

It’s fitting that Jared Jeffries (12 points, four rebounds, one series-clinching steal) was the main photo on the Sports front that day. In addition to sharing a reputation for making hustle plays and playing solid defense, Booker and Jeffries share a birthday.