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Michael Wilbon had recovered enough from the Chicago Bulls’ opening-round playoff loss to say some nice things about the Wizards during Wednesday’s episode of “PTI” on ESPN.

“In all seriousness, I am really happy for the Wizards,” he said at the beginning of the show. “They are a fun team to watch, and they’re a fun team to follow. Nobody knows anything about them. It’s a really cool story.”

“There’s no room for you on the bandwagon,” Kornheiser countered.

Later in the show, Kornheiser and Wilbon were both asked to fill-in-the-blank in the following sentence:


Kornheiser went first.

“A ‘slow-down-sparky’ threat,” he said. “I know they beat the Bulls. The Bulls stink. The Bulls made eight field goals in the second half [Tuesday] night. They had 28 points in the entire second half. The Wizards can beat Atlanta, they should beat Atlanta. And if they get Indiana, a team that’s disintegrating before our eyes … But to get me to believe that they’re a threat to win the East, you have to convince me they’re going to beat Miami. Hence the phrase, ‘slow-down-sparky.’”

Wilbon went next. He could’ve said No, or Low, or Laughable, or even Sedale.

(Via ESPN)

“Well they’re an exotic threat, Tony, and I say that because people don’t really know the Wizards,” Wilbon said. “These are not Gilbert Arenas’s Wizards, or Webber and Howard’s Wizards. People haven’t seen the Wizards in the postseason. People know a little bit about John Wall, his presence, but they don’t know Gortat, say, and Trevor Ariza are on the Wizards. They know them individually from other places. And they have this nice mix of guys, including Andre Miller. They can do a lot of stuff, Tony. I absolutely expect them to win the next series, whether it’s Atlanta or Indiana. They can threaten Miami. I’m not saying they’re going to beat them, but they’re an exotic threat to win the East.”