(Courtesy Jen O’Brien)

Having recently moved from D.C. to Switzerland, Jen O’Brien was thrilled to see a Nats hat from outside the window of a Zurich Starbucks over the weekend.

She stared at the guy in the hat, focusing on that little bit of Washingtoniana a continent away from home.

Then she realized the guy in the hat was Caps forward Joel Ward. And that he was walking around Zurich with other Caps in Nats hats, including Jason Chimera and Troy Brouwer.

The Caps are in Switzerland with the Canadian national team, which is playing Switzerland this week before heading to the world championships in Belarus. (Brouwer and Ward will be playing for Canada for the first time.) Presumably the other men were Canadian teammates; O’Brien didn’t recognize them.

Naturally, she ran to catch up to the players and posed for a photo with Ward and Chimera, and their Nats hats.

“I was super nervous to just approach them on the street, but they were great!” she wrote in an e-mail from Zurich. “The sighting did a lot to minimize my current level of homesickness! The world is very small.”

Work permitting, Jen is hoping to go to Tuesday’s Canada-Switzerland game, to root for the Nats-loving D.C. stars.

(Thanks to Brian)

Brouwer is on the far left, also in a Nats hat. (Courtesy Jen O’Brien)