This is NOT RGIII’s actual locker. (Via NFL Network)

It’s well known that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III loves superheroes and keeps action figures in his locker.

From a 2012 AP story:

The Washington Redskins opened their locker room to reporters for the first time Tuesday, revealing an RGIII cubbyhole with six figurines, including Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, an extra-muscular version of Captain America and, of course, a Baylor Bear.

Underneath each figurine is a slogan. Spider-Man is ”Amazing.” Others include ”Conquer Every Obstacle,” ”Sacrifice” and ”Army Strong.” The bear, a nod to his college team, gets a simple ”BU.” The Hulk is so large he’s on a shelf by himself, accompanied by the words ”Be Unstoppable.”

Still photography in the locker room is prohibited and the Redskins don’t allow video cameras to shoot Griffin’s locker, so our idea of what his superhero shrine looked like was limited to the NFL Network’s fictional recreation in the photo above. Until now.

Griffin provided a look at this year’s locker room lineup on Instagram, and the figures appear to have changed a bit since 2012.

So who makes up Griffin’s Sensational Six? I could identify Von Hayes, Mark Gubicza and Chet Lemon on a shelf of 1988 Kenner Starting Lineups, but my superhero knowledge is seriously lacking, so I turned to Fancy Stats geek Neil Greenberg to ID these dudes.

Protect Your City – Batman Beyond (I originally had Batman, despite what Neil told me, because I didn’t know there was a difference. Whoops.)

(Via @RGIII)

“This is our city; we have to represent it, and protect it and also give back to it,” Griffin told Comcast SportsNet’s Tarik El-Bashir at last month’s White House Easter Egg Roll. Between John Wall and RGIII, D.C. residents can sleep well at night.

Play With A Fire In Your Heart –
 Johnny Storm (Human Torch)

Do Your Part – Adam Park, Power Rangers in Space

Today I learned there was such a thing as “Power Rangers in Space.”


Be Cool Under Pressure – Iceman

Be Amazing – Spider-Man (Update: This is Kaine as Scarlet Spider. Thanks, @peterhassett.)


Be Unstoppable – The Incredible Hulk

The largest action figure in Griffin’s locker is of his favorite superhero.

“He’s the only superhero that can’t die,” Griffin told USA TODAY in 2012. “People might not know that. You want to feel like you’re super out there. I don’t picture myself as a normal person when I play football, and I don’t think anyone else pictures me that way as well. … I like to think that I am super out there and I can do things that normal people can’t.”