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If you left Monday night’s Nationals-Dodgers game early or went to bed after the Wizards game, you weren’t alone. The rain delay eventually ended and the Nationals went on to win, 4-0.

Via Kilgore:

Around 50 blue-clad fans gathered behind the visitor’s dugout, and another 150 or so clustered behind the Washington Nationals’ side. Both groups cheered every pitch. Players could hear not only hecklers, but also polite, private conversations. When a reliever threw a warmup pitch in the bullpen, the snapping leather echoed throughout Nationals Park.

And when bearded Dodgers reliever Brian Wilson came on to pitch in the bottom of the seventh inning, his doppleganger in a Dodgers jacket was behind home plate, reacting to his every pitch.

I really wanted to go to sleep, but I could…not…stop…watching…this guy.

He called balls and strikes along with the umpire…

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He and Wilson simultaneously expressed frustration at certain calls…

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Like, lots of frustration.

“You see Brian Wilson’s brother is really upset behind him,” MASN’s F.P. Santangelo said.

“Yeah, Buddy Wilson, really hacked off about that call,” Bob Carpenter replied.

“Is it Buddy?” F.P. asked.

“Buddy” was very excited when Wilson struck out Adam LaRoche to end the inning.

Here’s to you, “Buddy,” if that is your real name.

(Via MASN)