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Gilbert Arenas wasn’t the only former Washington Wizard publicly sympathizing with his ex team Monday night. Chris Webber — possibly the most popular former Wizard in the pre-Arenas decade, if you exclude Michael Jordan — called Game 1 of the Pacers-Wizards series for TNT. And Webber was enthusiastic about his former team, to put it mildly.

The most notable moment, perhaps, came in the first quarter, when Webber talked briefly about the team’s fan base. He said that if you’re a Washington Wizards fan — or if you’re a Washington Bullets fan — you should be proud of this team. Hard to imagine anyone other than a former Bullet dropping that line.

(Oh, and don’t forget this passage from my explanation of how the name changed:

The Post ran a poll with the team’s five choices, “None of the Above” and “Bullets;” the latter two combined for 85 percent of the votes. (Sea Dogs led of the other choices with about 5 percent.) Chris Webber suggested River Dogs; “The Potomac River is right here,” he explained, making the choice more logical than Sea Dogs.

Regardless, Washington fans are accustomed to assuming that every national analyst is out to get them. But there seemed to be a broad consensus on this night that Webber was excited and happy about the exploits of his former team.