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Just Dance, Wizards fans. (Mild) Applause, Lady Gaga fans. Do What U Want, NBA executives. Everyone is getting their Verizon Center time.

Four days after the NBA revealed that a potential Game 6 of the Wizards-Pacers playoff series would take place on the same date as Lady Gaga’s scheduled Verizon Center show, the arena announced a resolution. The singer’s show will be moved up three days, from Thursday, May 15, to Monday, May 12.

“We apologize to Lady Gaga and to her fans for any inconvenience in having to reschedule her show at Verizon Center,” David Touhey, the senior vice president and general manager of the arena, said in a release. “We also want to thank her and her fans for their flexibility and understanding. Lady Gaga has been extremely accommodating in working with us to reschedule her tour date given the Wizards potential playoff game, and we are looking forward to her show.”

Gaga was originally scheduled to perform in Philadelphia on May 12 as part of her artRave: The ARTPOP Ball Tour. That show will instead be May 15, the original Washington date. The singer also has scheduled performances May 13 in New York and May 17 in Detroit. Meanwhile, Verizon Center is booked with Game 4 of the Wizards-Pacers series on May 11 and the Washington Mystics’ season opener on May 16.

The Wizards and Pacers will play every other day for the first six games of their best-of-seven series, if necessary. The NBA was reluctant to change that schedule, which fit in well with the other three second-round series. Lady Gaga fans, though — many of whom were coming to Washington from out of town — spent four days fretting about a potential change or postponement.

And while the new date will work for some, others are now in a bind. Mark James, a 19-year from Charlotte, got tickets to the show as a Christmas present after last year’s Gaga show in D.C. was canceled because of the singer’s health. His flight to Washington is on Wednesday; that no longer works. His hotel has no available rooms on the new date, and his friends aren’t available May 12.

He said he “pretty much started crying” when the new date was announced, and is “freaking out right now” over the switch.

“I don’t even know what to say, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know anything right now,” he said. “All my plans revolved around that day. It’s just so inconsiderate. … At this point I’m still trying my best to come, but I really don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Verizon Center’s release said that tickets for the original May 15 show will be honored on the new date; refunds, “if required, will be available at the original point of purchase.”