(Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

The Big Ten men’s basketball tournament is coming to Verizon Center in 2017, and Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delay said Tuesday he expects Washington to become part of the regular rotation of sites for the tournament, which has been held in Chicago or Indianapolis since its inception in 1998.

Via Prewitt:

“We have three institutions in the East and 11 institutions in the Midwest,” said Delany, who will officially welcome Maryland and Rutgers to the conference on July 1. “I don’t know what the precise rotation will be, but I can tell you it will be here regularly over the coming decades.”

Delany also said he expects Big Ten fans to struggle with the change, and many of them have, at least judging by their reaction to the news on Twitter.

While some Maryland fans might still be bitter about joining the Big Ten, a postseason tournament in their own back yard is something the Terps enjoyed only four times in 61 years in the ACC.

To any Big Ten fans still freaking out about this: SB Nation’s Kevin Trahan, a junior at Northwestern, explains why the the decision to hold the Big Ten Tournament at Verizon Center will not, in fact, ruin the conference.