(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

I usually try not to get angry about sportswriters, because it probably isn’t worth it, but Mike Wise’s column in Wednesday’s paper made me mildly angry. Especially this part:

Now that a certain Washington franchise is three wins from its first Eastern Conference finals appearance in 35 years, it’s easy to gloat, to say, “I told you so,” and go after the vermin who never thought the Wizards’ ownership, management and players would never amount to anything….

Look, if you want to go after media members, that’s fine. If you want to punish David Falk, have at it.

But if you want to say that skeptical fans — who have watched mediocre to bad basketball for 30 years, who have sat through 82-game seasons of execrable mush for most of their adult lives, who have seen their home arena overrun with visiting fans and their favorite team drift toward irrelevance — are “vermin” for not being convinced that a 44-win team would become legitimately great in the playoffs, that just strikes me as being obnoxious for the sake of being obnoxious.

Wizards fans are happy right now. They really are. Many are as happy as they’ve been in three decades. That’s great, for everyone.

Sure, some didn’t see this coming, at least not this quickly, probably because the Wizards were an inconsistent outfit that suffered many inexplicable losses this season, and also because the Wizards haven’t had this sort of success for 30 years. But I can’t see the benefit in rubbing ordinary fans’ faces in success that is now making them happy.

But whatever. He can write his columns, singling out everyone who has ever been wrong about the Wizards, and I can write mine, pointing out all the times Wise has been wrong about everything.

Michigan State lost in the Elite Eight. Wichita State lost in the second round.

The Nats finished four games out of the wild card.

The Wizards led in both overtime and double overtime before losing at home to the Bobcats.

The Wizards lost in overtime to the Hawks.

The Caps got swept out of the second round of the playoffs, Boudreau’s last in Washington.

James has helped Miami win the last two NBA championships.

Not totally sure which drive this was during the Redskins-Giants game, but Washington’s final four drives ended with three punts and a fumble.

The Pacers lost by 10.

The Capitals beat the Lightning on this night, but would go on to miss the playoffs for the first time in seven years.

The Heat lost by 36 points.

Okay, he was actually right this time. The Wizards beat the Blazers by two.

The Spurs lost to the Heat in seven games.

Gio Gonzalez gave up three runs and was out after five innings, and the Nats lost to the Cardinals in Game 5.

The Nats indeed beat the Mets on this day, but they finished four games out of the wild card.

The Bears lost at home to the Texans. Jason Campbell entered at halftime, throwing for 94 yards and leading Chicago to 3 second-half points.

The Knicks finished five games ahead of the Nets.

The Steelers lost at home to the Bears by 17 points.

The Nationals lost 9-6 to the Orioles.

The Caps lost to the Panthers in a shootout.

None of these horses finished in the top three.

The Devils lost in six games.

The Redskins lost by a touchdown.

Okay, this one worked, too.

The Nats finished 10 games back of the Braves.

The Caps lost in three overtimes.