(Tommy Gilligan / USA TODAY Sports)

Nats fans spent the endless rain delay late Monday night watching the Wizards game, and watching the Braves game, and leaving Nats Park. Which, ultimately, led to this description, from Kilgore’s game story:

Around 50 blue-clad fans gathered behind the visitor’s dugout, and another 150 or so clustered behind the Washington Nationals’ side. Both groups cheered every pitch. Players could hear not only hecklers, but also polite, private conversations. When a reliever threw a warmup pitch in the bullpen, the snapping leather echoed throughout Nationals Park.

Nats players, meanwhile, spent the endless rain delay watching the Wizards game, and playing putt-putt.

“I mean, obviously we got to watch the end of the Wizards game, so that was cool to be able to watch them pull off a nice win out there,” Ryan Zimmerman told 106.7 The Fan’s Grant and Danny on Tuesday. “But you know, everyone’s different. Some guys will get a snack. If you’re playing you can’t eat too much. If you’re not playing — like me — I got to eat dinner at 9:30 or 10 instead of 11:30 like I usually do.

“Some guys will hang out and watch TV. A bunch of guys have their putters and stuff in there, so they’ll set up putt-putt throughout the clubhouse and do things like that. So it’s pretty much anything you can do to waste time and get through the rain delay and get on back out there and win a game, like we did [Monday] night.”

Yeah, but putt-putt? Really?

“I was actually in the cage trying to figure some things out, seeing if my bats had barrel on ’em,” Ian Desmond told MLB Network on Tuesday.” Some of the guys were in there practicing their putting, eating, watching the Wizards game. A lot of stuff going on; typical rain delay stuff.”

Please tell me there’s a windmill in Matt Williams’s office. Or at least some ramps.