Seeing fans make observations about Glen Rice Jr.’s pretty large and substantial mohawk in recent days reminded me that I asked a few of his teammates what they thought about this notable hairstyle last week.

“Punk rock,” Bradley Beal said.

“I think they’re just being creative,” Andre Miller said, referring to both Rice and John Wall, who is growing a beard.

“It’s an old-school mohawk,” Garrett Temple said. “I like it. I do. It’s a real mohawk. You know, guys have that short-hair mohawk going. Nah. That’s a real mohawk, you know what I’m saying, real high in the middle.”

I asked him if this was an intimidating hairstyle.

“I don’t know about intimidating,” Temple said. “It’s a good look for G-Rice, though.”

Drew Gooden, though, disagreed.

“He needs to cut that off,” the veteran said. “That thing needs to go. Whatever that is.”

(Look in the bottom left in this photo below.)

(By Toni L. Sandys / The Washington Post)
(By Toni L. Sandys / The Washington Post)