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After the Wizards’ Game 2 loss to the Pacers, center Marcin Gortat talked about some of the adjustments he has to make to ensure former Georgetown star Roy Hibbert’s homecoming isn’t a happy one on Friday. He also issued a challenge to Wizards fans.

“I hope that when we get back to D.C. we’re going to see the crowd already, at least 30 minutes before the game, they’re just going to be packed, and I hope they’re going to destroy the arena for us,” Gortat said in the postgame news conference. “We need them. We need them a lot. We need them just like we need Bradley and John in this game, and Nene. I hope they’re going to come early, they’re going to support us and cheer for us, and we’re going to try to bring it.

“We did the minimal plan here in Indiana. We need those two games at home, and then we’re gonna have to come back here to get another one. Pressure’s on us right now, but there’s nothing better than playing at home, in front of your own crowd.”

Gortat was also asked about his teammates’ tendency to flex and celebrate for the home crowd, as they did after his poster dunk over Ian Mahinmi in Game 2.

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“We have to stay greedy, we have to stay hungry, and I think these guys already understand that this is playoff basketball,” Gortat said. “You can’t lose games at home. End of the day, they have to do whatever gets them going. If they need to flex in front of their own crowd, okay, let them flex, but we gotta win the game.”