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Alfred Morris’s swing-for-the-fences touchdown celebration is featured in Madden NFL 25, which was released last year. Morris is one of 16 players who could grace the cover of Madden NFL 15 when the latest version of the video game franchise hits the shelves in August.

The first of four rounds of fan voting in the bracket-style tournament to determine the latest Madden cover star began Thursday. Morris is matched against Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, with the winner advancing to face the leading vote-getter between Eagles running back LeSean McCoy and Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton.

Luck is a No. 2 seed and Morris is a No. 7 seed, for what that’s worth, but @Trey_Deuces may have an advantage in that Luck is the only candidate who isn’t on Twitter. You can vote for Morris here. Or, if you believe in the Madden Curse, you might want to consider voting for Luck.

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After a one-year hiatus when Calvin Johnson appeared on the cover of Madden NFL 13 and proceeded to lead the league in catches and yards, the Madden Curse struck again, at the NFL draft of all places. Did you see what happened to Madden NFL 25 cover star Barry Sanders last night? Poor guy.

So yeah. Vote for Alf, or don’t. The winner of this year’s cover vote will be announced on June 6. The other first-round matchups:

(1) Richard Sherman vs. (8) Alshon Jeffery

(1) Cam Newton vs. (8) Antonio Brown

(2) Colin Kaepernick vs. (7) Nick Foles

(3) Demaryius Thomas vs. (6) Luke Kuechly

(3) LeSean McCoy vs. (6) T.Y. Hilton

(4) Jimmy Graham vs. (5) Eddie Lacy

(4) Jamaal Charles vs. (5) A.J. Green