(Via @xmasape)
(Via @xmasape)

Possibly for the last time this postseason, Chris Webber visited Verizon Center on Sunday night. This was yet another chance for him to revisit his history with the franchise.

This Pacers series started, you’ll recall, with Webber sending a subtle shout-out to Bullets fans. And that was no accident, either.

“I definitely did that on purpose,” Webber told the Wall Street Journal. “I still have a place in D.C. I have friends there, and they think of them as the Bullets.”

Before Game 4, Webber sat down with the Comcast SportsNet pregame show, where Chris Miller asked him about calling a game down the middle despite feeling some type of way about Washington.

“I have to call it down the middle, because I love players on both teams equally,” Webber said. “But as far as the city of D.C. and Indiana, there’s no question. This is my second home, so I love it. I love seeing the fans being rewarded for their patience, for their support. I love seeing the city be excited. It’s just everything looks so different, but the same people are in the organization, the team is doing wonderful. So just as a D.C. fan, I love seeing D.C. in this position. And I hope for their sakes and for everyone’s sakes, this is a long, great series, and the ball stays this way at a high level in D.C.”

Those were nice sentiments. And there was still more! Webber praised the crowd throughout the game. He posed for a photo with ex-teammate Gheorghe Muresan.

And he engaged in a long and epic handshake with Robert Griffin III, telling RGIII the funniest joke in the history of the world.

(Photo via @xmasape)